We can help you find assets and bank accounts

Bank Account Search

A thorough asset investigation is possible for your case, and is fully legal based on the following circumstances, covered by the GLBA (Graham Leach Bliley Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

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We defend and educate victims of cross-border frauds

Cyber Fraud Recovery

We regularly represent clients who have fallen victims to cross-border frauds in all aspects of preservation and recovery, from reporting to enforcement agencies, to securing funds through court action and recovery in litigation.

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We protect your privacy and manage security threats

Private Family Risk Management

Wealth automatically makes you and your family a target, deliberate or not, for scammers, dishonest businessmen, freeloaders, hackers, and criminals. Private family risk management helps to protect your privacy and manage security threats.

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We provide comprehensive investigative services


Our professionally trained investigative team provides comprehensive investigative services and gets results that matter throughout the United States.

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We prepare strategies for your better security posture

Cyber Security

We provide Information and Cyber Security strategies & Design services to give you a better security posture and reduce risk through consulting, services, and security product expertise.

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We're glad to share our expertise with others


We deliver comprehensive, cost-effective training solutions for personnel that provide a positive, productive learning experience. Our courses, which can be deployed virtually through online collaboration, include hands-on technical training, course materials, interactive labs, and troubleshooting exercises.

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Our expertise

We specialize in Investigating fraud, corruption, conducting interviews, analyzing and reconstructing digital information and financial records, assessing fraud vulnerability, analyzing embezzlement allegations and developing strategic cybersecurity plan. Financial institutions, law firms, government agencies and others regularly retain our firm to provide investigative support in adversarial matters and expert testimony at trial or in depositions.

We have extensive experience assisting counsel and their clients in all phases of litigation, from discovery through trial, as well as alternative dispute resolution proceedings.


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