Private Family Risk Management

Protect Your Assets
and Enjoy Your Success

Wealth automatically makes you and your family a target, deliberate or not, for scammers, dishonest businessmen, freeloaders, hackers, and criminals. Private family risk management helps to protect your privacy and manage security threats. The greater your success, the greater the risk.

Your business and your personal circumstances are unique. Private family risk management begins with an analysis of your particular privacy and protection needs. Your risk manager will make recommendations, help you implement safeguards, and carry out important due diligence.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Every new relationship, whether it is a business contact, an employee, or a personal connection, involves a certain amount of risk. Doing business overseas is especially risky because cultural differences make it more difficult to recognize red flags. We perform discreet background checks and due diligence on your counterparties.

We can check banks accounts globally and provide balances and inflows and outflows to verify the claims of business associates. Know exactly who and what you are dealing with before you complete a transaction or send them money.

Employee Monitoring

The best firewall in the world cannot prevent a dishonest employee or insider from using their network access to embezzle funds, steal data, conduct private business, and use your company computers to watch pornography or waste time on social media.

We can help you set up a cloud-based system to monitor employees’ use of computers and devices. The system can be customized to monitor internet usage, alert you to patterns of suspicious activity, and detect inappropriate language. Endpoint monitoring continually records HD video to reduce audit costs.

Identity Theft

More than 1,200 data breaches were reported in the first three quarters of 2021, 17% more than the year before. Your stolen data can be used to access your accounts, take out mortgages and loans in your name, hack into your computers and devices, and construct elaborate social engineering scams, including blackmail. Private Risk Management monitors credentials for sale on the dark web, and alerts you in real-time whenever any email and password associated with you is put up for sale. We provide solutions to remove your data from the web, and prevent your accounts from being taken over.


Private Risk Management can help protect your privacy by removing your home address and other personal information from online public databases.

Any device that connects online through cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth allows your location to be tracked, even when it is turned off. Contactless credit cards with RFID chips give off radio frequency signals that can be read at close range when the cards are in a wallet. Private Risk Management provides you with phone cases, wallets, suitcases, and laptop bags that employ Faraday cage technology to protect your devices from hackers, infrared scanners, or any third-party attempt at surveillance. The chips in an international passport can’t be detected by the TSA scanner if it is kept in any of these bags or pouches. Your devices and cards become invisible and silent.

Secured Phone and Conversations

Private Risk Management provides you with an ultra secure mobile phone that changes its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) at every reboot, giving you full anonymity. This phone blocks location tracking, and prevents hackers from intercepting GSM or WiFi signals, or installing malware that turns your mobile phone into a listening device. We can set up a secure online communication system for your business or your family members.


You have invested everything in raising your children, and you want to send them to a good university, or to study abroad, but you know nothing about the roommate they will be living with, or the new acquaintances they will make. If your child becomes involved with the wrong type of friends, his or her life could be ruined. They could become involved with drugs, or criminal activity.

Your heirs can become victims of dishonest people who associate with them for the sole purpose o0f accessing their money. Private Risk Management provides real-time intelligence on the risk posed by anyone associating intimately with your family members.

Protect your family’s legacy and sign up for the services of a Private Family Risk Manager today.

Concierge Services

Private Risk Managers provide assistance with your particular risk and security-related needs, including:

  • Locating a qualified and reliable lawyer, accountant, security service, or real estate agent to conduct your affairs in the U.S.
  • Advising you on large purchases such as equipment, a vehicle, or a home to make sure the price is fair and the transaction is conducted safely.
  • Assessing your cybersecurity requirements and recommending quality third-party services and products.
  • Helping set up a secure home network with protection for your children.
  • Reporting fraud incidents and collaborating with law enforcement to investigate.
  • Some concierge services may charge additional fees.

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