Internal Fraud

Corporate fraud is rampant—and nearly half of companies aren’t even investigating it.

An internal fraud investigation is a fact-finding mission that a company conducts in response to evidence or an allegation of fraud. The company’s goals are to determine whether any fraud occurred and, if so, who was involved in perpetrating it and what assets were lost or misappropriated as a result.

These threats come in many different forms, including:
• Accounting fraud
• Outright theft of physical assets
• Unauthorized access, to manipulate data or to sell it
• Threats, sexual harassment or other inappropriate forms of behavior or communication

Allen Forensics has extensive experience in serving as external investigators in internal fraud cases.

Due Dilligence

Due diligence enables companies to undertake transactions from an informed standpoint. When potential vendors, suppliers, or distributors need to be vetted, our analysts use intelligence-based analytic techniques to uncover operational inconsistencies, unlawful business activities, and other third party risk factors.

By leveraging our extensive overseas expertise and in-house foreign language skills, we ensure that you stay compliant no matter how high-risk the jurisdiction.

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